Since March 2020 we’ve adapted our entire business model to bring Wild online so our members can virtually navigate the business landscape and still get the full support they have opted for in their memberships. But we started this to bring you away from the kitchen table and give you a space to connect with like-minded people, somewhere you can shoot the breeze with those that don’t live under your roof, a space to grow. And that’s what we’re going to do.

We’ll be opening our doors on 29th of September 2020 and we will be abiding by all the new guidelines for a safe workspace so you can work in a setting that you haven’t been stuck in for the past few months.


how many people can work at Wild now?

Your safety has always been a priority for us so we've lost zero sleep cutting back the capacity of Wild.

We now will only operate with 4-5 women in the space at one time. This is to make sure we have a safe number of people who can work at a good distance from each other without any stress to you all whilst you're working.
We are hoping that this is just a temporary measure and we'll return to full capacity once things are more relaxed in line with the Government's advice.

do you offer half day rates?

Because we've had to reduce capacity so much for the time being, we're so excited to introduce half day spots for all our members and non-members. These are limited and we expect them to be really popular so we'd suggest booking them as soon as possible.

Head here to secure your spot.

what about sanitation? do I need to bring anti-bac?

We'll be providing anti-bac on each desk so you can be rest assured that you can de-bug throughout your day at Wild.

We'll also be cleaning down any areas that are communal and sanitising all desks between use.

are these permanent changes?

We're going to be reviewing the situation as and when it changes, and once things are more relaxed we are planning to revert back to the way it was before. We don't expect these changes to be permanent but as you all know, we are in an unknown time currently, but together we can get through it with strength. We'll keep you updated on any changes through Instagram and emails so you won't miss a trick.

We can promise you that we’ll be doing the following:

  • Cleaning work stations and seats after every use

  • Each space will have a sanitation area should you need to anti-bac

  • Sanitation points as you enter and leave our beautiful space 

  • Communal areas for tea and coffee will be cleaned down during the session

  • Shared mugs and cups will be removed so we encourage you to bring a Keep Cup or your own mug for teas and coffee 

  • Every area will be planned so you are distanced in a safe way

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