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do I have to be a member to use wild?

Nope! You can just book a drop-in session without being a member, which costs £14 per day or £8 for half day via our booking site

how do memberships work?

Due to COVID-19 we have changed the structure very slightly as we ease out of lockdown. So we’re now keeping everyone on a ‘Virtually Wild’ membership tariff, which is £20 a month. Members get discounted hotdesking as well as all of the below. Member benefits: ⚪️ free tea and coffee ⚪️ free and fast wifi ⚪️ free/discount on monthly events and workshops ⚪️ access to the private members-only Whatsapp group ⚪️ monthly newsletter ⚪️ resources that will help you grow your business ⚪️ discounts with our local partners with your Wild card ⚪️ access to the Wild community dashboard where you can connect with other members ‘Find a Freelancer’ board where you can promote your services for a small bolt-on to your membership

when should I start my membership?

You can start your membership on any day of the month, our system works out how much you'll have to pay for the remainder of the month you start, then you'll be either invoiced or payments will be taken automatically on the 1st of every month.

how do I cancel my membership?

We just need a month's notice to make a change or cancel your membership please email to process your cancellation.

Working at Wild

where is wild?

Wild is located in the front of Frome Town Hall on Christchurch Street West BA11 1EB

can I bring children to wild?

We welcome babes in arms at the moment and on quiet days, children under the age of 10 but this is purely down to not currently having enough space for lots of children to be in the space at the same time as us. The long term plan is to have a creche or a form of childcare that means we can make flexible working a reality for you.

can I try before I buy?

You can indeed - free trial days can be booked here

do I have to book my desk in advance?

We recommend you book at least 24 hours ahead of the time you would like to work here. Having said that we often have a spare seat so feel free to drop in when you like. Alternatively use the chat function on the website to get in touch before you head down.

how many spaces do you have?

When we're open, we will have enough space for 4-5 women working here at one time, this includes the standing desks. This will hopefully double again once restrictions ease even more.

do you have permanent desks?

Not yet, but hopefully soon! We also want to make Wild accessible 24/7 but for now we're a hotdesking space, open Tuesday - Thursday 9am - 5pm.

how does this work with Covid-19?

Once the time is right and we can safely bring everyone back, we will be opening the doors once again. In the meantime, we are running Virtually Wild Coworking so please click here to read more and book!

do you offer half day rates?

When we are back up and running, we will be offering half day sessions so more of you can use the space to work! These run from 9am - 1pm and 1pm - 5pm and are priced at £8 for non-members and £5 for our members. We clean each workspace thoroughly between hotdeskers.

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